Jasper / Banff / Lake Louise

So I had a couple of adventures yesterday and today. I had planned my campground on the highway between Jasper and Banff and it was getting late when I pulled in.  Turns out it closed for the season 2 days ago! Luckily, another campground let me park in an overflow area.

When I woke up it was pouring rain, but I really wanted to move my trailer to a prettier spot next to the water. I did that, super-proud of my backing-up skills, and then I left the back of the Tahoe open while I leveled and set up. Stupid me – my battery died and I needed a jump start 🙁 It’s still pouring rain and might even snow tonight (fingers crossed that it doesn’t snow because I am not set up for it!), but I found wifi at the tourist office so I can work a little and post a bunch of photos from yesterday.

I’m so glad I got to see the Rockies yesterday! It’s incredibly beautiful here.

Happy birthday, Isla!!


Rogers Pass

I’m so proud of myself for driving over this 4000 ft. pass, up and down! My trailer made it and the truck didn’t overheat – no disasters whatsoever. I pulled over every time cars piled up behind me. At one of the pullovers, I saw this guy who had ridden his bike all over the Rockies and also in Crater Lake, Oregon. Gave me a reminder that I shouldn’t feel like I’m doing anything special – look at this guy!

Now I’m sitting outside with the mountains all around me, hoping these pictures show up okay. The last picture is from where I sit right now. I just did laundry here – great campground. It’s a beautiful morning!

Smoky British Columbia and a Washington Waterfall

I’m uploading these from my laptop, so not sure how they really look to other people. I can’t use my fancy big computer to adjust colors and such until I’m somewhere else. I’m sitting in a Tim Horton’s using their free wifi. There’s rain now. Hopefully, it will dampen the haze so I can see the Canadian Rockies tomorrow or the next day!