Have to post quickly but want to tell you that this is around Deming, New Mexico. I’m staying in a beautiful campground with a view of the Florida Mountains out my window and the brightest stars ever in the sky. This is only about 30 miles from Mexico – a big group of us went there for lunch and shopping and they all sang happy birthday to me! It was a fun and tequila-shot kind of day. I also went to a truly magical place called Gila Cliff Dwellings (please google it), and have some pictures for next time. No time to post more now because I’m headed to the next state over. Most of these photos in today’s post are from the City of Rocks, also in New Mexico. I plan on camping there someday. It’s only $14 and has the world’s best camp spots, I think.






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  1. Mom Avatar

    What beautiful, stark country! Hope you get warm soon 🙂
    great photos, as usual!

  2. Kay-Lee Haynes Avatar
    Kay-Lee Haynes

    Looks like a beautiful place to camp! And beautiful photos!
    Hugs from Marlee, Charlee, Warren, and I

  3. BL Avatar

    As always, awesome photos!

  4. Johanna cielo Avatar
    Johanna cielo

    Hi Amy and happy belated birthday! Sister Karin gave me your blog address & I’m enjoying your gorgeous photos! Can’t wait to see more – safe travels

  5. Harriet Avatar

    Wow! Such a different life style than Lund/Malmö! Sounds as you’re having a great time over there. I will follow you with interest and look at your beautiful photos. Love, Harriet

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