Banff / Fort McLeod / Northern Montana

I left Banff to snow and freezing temperatures. I was really afraid I was going to run out of propane and not have heat, so as much as I would’ve liked to stay and explore, it was clearly time to move on. I was so tired of being cold that I stopped in Fort McLeod to stay in a great little motel. I just picked the town at random because I was tired and it was there. It turned out to be a really great little town that I’d love to visit again someday. Several movies were filmed there, understandable with its wild west vibe.

I left Canada and visited my cousin and family for two weeks in Livingston and Wilsall, Montana. It was such a great time and busy, so no time to post. Three days ago, I had a beautiful drive from Wilsall to Thermopolis, Wyoming. This is another amazing place, with the world’s largest natural hot spring and a fantastic campground! It’s once again getting cold, so I’ll head south toward Texas via Colorado tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to warmer temperatures. So far, this is a very, very good trip – I catch myself smiling at the good fortune of being able to work remotely and see all these beautiful places.







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    Very cool adventure and AWESOME photos!!!!

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