Chugwater, WY -> Wichita, Kansas

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The pictures from Chugwater, with the soda fountain, are from two days ago when a windstorm kept me in a rest area for 24 hours (I wrote about this last post).

From Chugwater, I drove quickly through Colorado, and then on to Goodland, Kansas, where the Van Gogh tribute painting is. From there, I drove to Hays, Kansas and parked at a Walmart for the night. Again, there were high winds and worst of all, my heater stopped working and it was freezing cold. I tried to sleep until 2 am, when I finally got up, packed the trailer, and drove to a Days Inn, which didn’t turn out to be a pleasant experience and I couldn’t sleep. I drove, very tired, to Wichita and stayed in a fantastic Super 8, and the desk clerk, another guest and I all ordered Chinese food delivery. Really fun! I met a couple from Washington this morning and they gave me a something-something fruit (have to look this up) that I’ll photograph later. It’s huge and supposed to keep spiders away – will definitely try it in the trailer!

On the way here, I kept seeing signs for Swedish handcraft and the biggest little Swedish town in Kansas (Lindsborg), so of course, I had to stop. It was such a cute town! The shops were all super friendly and invited me to the big Swedish festival this coming Saturday. They only the festival once every two years, and I would’ve loved to stay, but need to get to Texas, meet my friend Christie, and fix my heater.

I’m looking forward to traveling a bit slower after I get to Texas. So happy I’m getting into warmer weather!

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  1. What an incredible adventure!! Thanks for sharing it with us through such wonderful photos. It’s great to be able to vicariously be on the trip with you. Thanks!

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