Chugwater, WY -> Wichita, Kansas

The pictures from Chugwater, with the soda fountain, are from two days ago when a windstorm kept me in a rest area for 24 hours (I wrote about this last post).

From Chugwater, I drove quickly through Colorado, and then on to Goodland, Kansas, where the Van Gogh tribute painting is. From there, I drove to Hays, Kansas and parked at a Walmart for the night. Again, there were high winds and worst of all, my heater stopped working and it was freezing cold. I tried to sleep until 2 am, when I finally got up, packed the trailer, and drove to a Days Inn, which didn’t turn out to be a pleasant experience and I couldn’t sleep. I drove, very tired, to Wichita and stayed in a fantastic Super 8, and the desk clerk, another guest and I all ordered Chinese food delivery. Really fun! I met a couple from Washington this morning and they gave me a something-something fruit (have to look this up) that I’ll photograph later. It’s huge and supposed to keep spiders away – will definitely try it in the trailer!

On the way here, I kept seeing signs for Swedish handcraft and the biggest little Swedish town in Kansas (Lindsborg), so of course, I had to stop. It was such a cute town! The shops were all super friendly and invited me to the big Swedish festival this coming Saturday. They only the festival once every two years, and I would’ve loved to stay, but need to get to Texas, meet my friend Christie, and fix my heater.

I’m looking forward to traveling a bit slower after I get to Texas. So happy I’m getting into warmer weather!






3 responses to “Chugwater, WY -> Wichita, Kansas”

  1. BL Avatar

    Great blog and as always, awesome pics. Stay warm!

  2. Mom Avatar

    What an incredible adventure!! Thanks for sharing it with us through such wonderful photos. It’s great to be able to vicariously be on the trip with you. Thanks!

  3. YS Avatar

    Yipee!!! Keep it up!

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