Fredericksburg, Texas

Well, I’m still in Texas. It’s a big state!

This little town felt like the Christmas center of Texas as far as merry shoppers, wine tasting, lights, and even ice skating (in 70-degree weather) goes.

I camped at a place called Lady Bird park, where there was a great trail with cactuses and turtles. I’ll post nature shots from that walk and a nice walk where I am now tomorrow (yes, really – will post again tomorrow :-)).

As far as RV stuff goes, I’m learning how to deal with the cold. It’s hovering around freezing at night. I have loads of blankets and bought a sweet little electric heater, so it’s okay. I need to watch out that the water hoses don’t freeze though. Off towards New Mexico and Arizona right after Christmas. I bet it will be beautiful.






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  1. BL Avatar

    Love these photos and can’t wait to see what else you put up.

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