Jasper / Banff / Lake Louise

So I had a couple of adventures yesterday and today. I had planned my campground on the highway between Jasper and Banff and it was getting late when I pulled in.  Turns out it closed for the season 2 days ago! Luckily, another campground let me park in an overflow area.

When I woke up it was pouring rain, but I really wanted to move my trailer to a prettier spot next to the water. I did that, super-proud of my backing-up skills, and then I left the back of the Tahoe open while I leveled and set up. Stupid me – my battery died and I needed a jump start 🙁 It’s still pouring rain and might even snow tonight (fingers crossed that it doesn’t snow because I am not set up for it!), but I found wifi at the tourist office so I can work a little and post a bunch of photos from yesterday.

I’m so glad I got to see the Rockies yesterday! It’s incredibly beautiful here.

Happy birthday, Isla!!







2 responses to “Jasper / Banff / Lake Louise”

  1. Mom Avatar

    Oh what amazing country. I’m so glad that you’re there and are sharing it with the rest of us.
    Wonderful photos!!!!

  2. BL Avatar

    Awesome photos! Don’t get caught in the snow. Your on a real adventure.

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