My Bird Post – Whitewater Draw, Arizona

I’m finally able to post, thanks to Starbucks! I’ve been camping with about a zillion other people in the desert in Quartzsite, Arizona with no electricity, so it’s pretty much impossible to charge my battery more than just enough to do my (paid) work each day. Having a great time here, meeting many other RVers, getting great tips about everything, amazing coffee cooked over an open fire, evening campfire circles, and lots and lots of stars. I love being somewhere in January with warm temperatures and nice people!

These photos are from a couple of weeks ago, in Southeastern Arizona. I’m not a birder, but could easily become one now that I’ve seen these amazing birds. It’s a Sandhill Crane migration, with literally thousands of birds coming to take a rest here in January and February. I found a bit more info on this Audubon page. I don’t know what all the other birds are, but they sure were pretty. Actually, birders who were there told me, but of course I’ve forgotten. UPDATE: I’ve added captions with bird names. Thanks Karin <3






2 responses to “My Bird Post – Whitewater Draw, Arizona”

  1. BL Avatar

    That’s an amazing migration to witness. Instinct driving them for eons. I hope they are still here eons from now. As a child I remember waiting eagerly every month for the new edition of Audubon magazine to see the new wildlife photos. Yours could have been there.

  2. Mom Avatar

    Oh, what incredibly wonderful bird photos !!! These are really beautiful.

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