Rogers Pass

I’m so proud of myself for driving over this 4000 ft. pass, up and down! My trailer made it and the truck didn’t overheat – no disasters whatsoever. I pulled over every time cars piled up behind me. At one of the pullovers, I saw this guy who had ridden his bike all over the Rockies and also in Crater Lake, Oregon. Gave me a reminder that I shouldn’t feel like I’m doing anything special – look at this guy!

Now I’m sitting outside with the mountains all around me, hoping these pictures show up okay. The last picture is from where I sit right now. I just did laundry here – great campground. It’s a beautiful morning!






2 responses to “Rogers Pass”

  1. BL Avatar

    You are doing something amazing! You are living the life you want to live. I just love that last picture. Such an amazing view.

  2. Mom Avatar

    Got the photos!!! REALLY GREAT ones! The guy looks like a real character!

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