Still in the desert, still loving it

I wish I could post more often and I could if only I weren’t so concerned about the colors, contrast, etc. on this little baby laptop – I hope these aren’t cartoonish colors or anything too dull. Whatever. Here’s what I’ve been up to in a nutshell:

I’m really taking to dry camping, with just a little 100W solar panel and being careful with my water, data, and electricity usage. It’s working out pretty well so far and best of all it’s either free or nearly so. Plus, I’m meeting the most fun people and seeing some remote sites.

Work is keeping me supplied with everything I need as long as there are no big emergencies, so I think  I can keep doing this for a while longer. It’s been great on my own, but I had an amazing side trip to Mexico and a few days of horsing around going on hikes and playing desert mini golf with … a man. That was pretty awesome. Now I’m camping next to a wonderful couple I met in Quartzsite. We went on a 7 hour hike practically straight up yesterday. It’s great having friends on the road.

I’m in Yuma, Arizona at the moment in a great little comfy coffee shop playing old tunes and hoping whoever is reading this doesn’t think my photos are overdone. Can’t wait to play with my big computer with its way better color calibration, but that will have to wait until I pony up for a site with electricity! All in all, feeling great out here.

Feel free to tell me all the bird names and I’ll update the post with corrections.






3 responses to “Still in the desert, still loving it”

  1. Mom Avatar

    What starkly beautiful country! These photos are truly amazing!
    The desert flowers should be out in full force soon.

  2. BL Avatar

    Awesome photos! Your talent shows through despite having to use a baby laptop. Love the B&W and the sunset is just spectacular.

  3. KaRi Avatar

    Just spoke to you 5 mins ago I will live vicariously through you. Beautiful photos, not dull at all!

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