To and home from Moab

Well, well, well here is a blog post! I haven’t posted anything since I’ve lived in Colorado, so here’s what’s happened: I live here on the Western Slope with the nice man I met mentioned a while back. I’ve sold my trailer (!), but we’ve bought a new one together. So it’s time for the next adventure! These photos are from a trip we took yesterday to look at tow vehicles in Moab. It was a beautiful day with enough thunder clouds to make the sky especially nice. The last photo is Mount Garfield, part of the Book Cliffs – I can see it every day from my new porch. Looking forward to getting back on the road again soon, but loving having this place to come home to.


  1. Amy!
    Your photography is marvelous!!!
    I appreciate them all — what fabulous composition and colors! What camera do you have?
    Could I buy a canvas print of the one at top — Mt Garfield (color) for our guest house? I’d love to get together and Have dinner and play games — When? Please let me know your schedule!


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