Wheatland, Wyoming

I found a free campground with free electricity in a sweet little town near the freeway. The highlight of my day today was meeting two local women at the nearby pool where I thought I could shower, but the pool is unfortunately closed for the winter. I got lots of tips from them about future spots to see and we had a nice visit. The lowlight might have been driving out a gravel road (it started out paved!) to look for bison and other animals to photograph. I drove nearly 10 miles trying to find Laramie on the backroads, only to end up having to turn back and re-do the entire drive. I didn’t make it to Laramie, but I did see this creepy dead snake that I guess must be a rattlesnake – it was way bigger than I though rattlesnakes get. I was afraid to get to close even though it was clearly dead. Imagine if it suddenly came back to life!

The full moon rise was amazing tonight. It’s also warmer, so it’s nice and comfy in the trailer. No need for long johns or hat in bed tonight – yay!






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  1. Mom Avatar

    Well, that isn’t (wasn’t) a rattlesnake – no sign of a rattle at the end of his (her)tail. Probably something like a bull snake or some other snake that preys on rats and other vermin. Great photos!!!

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