Book Cliffs, overview

Also from our yard. This is basically the same as the previous picture but from a slightly different angle.


We miss him so much! RIP our traveling kitty, 2010 – 2020.

To and home from Moab

Well, well, well here is a blog post! I haven’t posted anything since I’ve lived in Colorado, so here’s what’s happened: I live here on the Western Slope with the nice man I met mentioned a while back. I’ve sold my trailer (!), but we’ve bought a new one together. So it’s time for the… Continue reading To and home from Moab

Sedona and around the place

Way steeper than it looks. This is where my brakes were smokin'

  I’m camping for free on BLM land near Sedona. It’s indescribably beautiful. The drive here over highway 89A from Prescott was crazy, crazy fun and steeeeep: Elevation climb of about 2500 ft. (760 m) in about 10 miles (16 km) with switchbacks, blind corners, and I was towing my trailer – whooooohooo! I camped… Continue reading Sedona and around the place