Kailash Nath Temple in Bangalore

I got lost in here and was too worried to make a wish in the pond at the base of Shiva’s feet. (I lost my friends, but found them again later, whew!)

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Here’s my new photoblog! I’ve had the old one since 2007, so it’s time for a change. My aim is to post much more often than previously, hopefully 2 to 3 times per week. Please let me know if you see any problems with this blog, like if it’s too slow to load or if… Continue reading Hello!

Various from India

I was in India for work last month. There are many more photos, but here I was testing how to insert a handful of photos from there.

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Beijing – Forbidden City

These women were all tourists just like me. When I started photographing them in their beautiful dresses, they turned the camera on me (in jeans and t-shirt, as usual :-))

Happy Halloween

I started working on this new blog on Halloween, and this old zombie photo seemed appropriate at the time.