To and home from Moab

Well, well, well here is a blog post! I haven’t posted anything since I’ve lived in Colorado, so here’s what’s happened: I live here on the Western Slope with the nice man I met mentioned a while back. I’ve sold my trailer (!), but we’ve bought a new one together. So it’s time for the… Continue reading To and home from Moab

Sedona and around the place

Way steeper than it looks. This is where my brakes were smokin'

  I’m camping for free on BLM land near Sedona. It’s indescribably beautiful. The drive here over highway 89A from Prescott was crazy, crazy fun and steeeeep: Elevation climb of about 2500 ft. (760 m) in about 10 miles (16 km) with switchbacks, blind corners, and I was towing my trailer – whooooohooo! I camped… Continue reading Sedona and around the place


Have to post quickly but want to tell you that this is around Deming, New Mexico. I’m staying in a beautiful campground with a view of the Florida Mountains out my window and the brightest stars ever in the sky. This is only about 30 miles from Mexico – a big group of us went… Continue reading Untitled

Icy West Texas

It was cold, cold, cold in my little tin can! But look how beautiful. Now I’m in New Mexico where it’s much warmer and also filled with amazing landscape. Will post some photos from there in a minute or two – if I don’t get interrupted. This is a rush job because I need to… Continue reading Icy West Texas

Nature in West Texas

These are from my walks in Fredericksburg and Midland. Midland is serious urban sprawl, but there is a beautiful nature preserve that’s very diverse, with desert plants, a marsh, and lots of birds. First time in a long, long while that I’ve spent so much time editing photos! (It was fun)

Fredericksburg, Texas

Well, I’m still in Texas. It’s a big state! This little town felt like the Christmas center of Texas as far as merry shoppers, wine tasting, lights, and even ice skating (in 70-degree weather) goes. I camped at a place called Lady Bird park, where there was a great trail with cactuses and turtles. I’ll… Continue reading Fredericksburg, Texas

San Antonio

I pulled into San Antonio last night – It snowed! I was freezing all night, brrrr. KOA campgrounds are crazy expensive, but it was nice to stay so near to downtown. And what a beautiful city it is! The Riverwalk and the Alamo were all they’re described to be. It was festive not only because… Continue reading San Antonio

Wheatland, Wyoming

Wheatland, WY moonrise

I found a free campground with free electricity in a sweet little town near the freeway. The highlight of my day today was meeting two local women at the nearby pool where I thought I could shower, but the pool is unfortunately closed for the winter. I got lots of tips from them about future… Continue reading Wheatland, Wyoming